Unakite Elephant | China

Unakite Elephant | China

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Approximate Size: 30x40x20mm

*This item is intuitively chosen and so the piece received may not be the exact one in image

Unakite has a special connection with our heart and aids in the deeper understanding of our emotional body. Simply meditating with this stone will help push out those “dead weight” feelings we continue to carry with us. These emotions serve no positive purpose and are taking up your heart occupying space. Unakite helps us push through these hardships no matter the emotional pain and allows us to truly find inner peace. This crystal has a soft touch and will keep you comfortable even when dealing with the most painful emotions. It’s a powerful transformation talisman that is here to not only strengthen your heart, but also bridge the gap where new opportunities await! Due to Unakite having Epidote in it, this mineral is a natural enhancer of any emotion or vibration that is placed around it. For example, if you are experiencing a bad day and is carrying a piece of Unakite on them, we recommend placing it aside for the time being. Let yourself start fresh and anew the next day, with a levelled head and positive attitude.

Chakra - Heart

Properties - 

Expanded Awareness
Fertility and Pregnancy
Love & Relationships
Mental Enhancement
Nourishing and Rejuvenation
Peace of Mind
Physical Healing
Self- Healing
Self Discovery
Spiritual Awakening
Stress Relief
Emotional Understanding