Polychrome Jasper Mini Boulder | Madagascar

Polychrome Jasper Mini Boulder | Madagascar

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Approximate Size: 25 - 30mm

*This item is intuitively chosen and so the piece received may not be the exact one in image

Polychrome Jasper is a stone that embodies our true self and helps us channel our energies to the ones closest to us. It facilitates and activates our inner balance, while helping us conform to our current environment. Through this, we can reduce our day to day stress and embody the true elements around us. By doing this, we can not only learn much about ourselves, but also where it is we want to go. This Jasper variety is here to serve you and part of that means helping you position your mindset to be ahead of your physical body. When you have a destination or desire in mind, it is much easier to figure out where exactly your soul is taking you and how to get there!
When you tap into the vibrations of Polychrome Jasper, you are imbuing yourself with ancient Earth energy. This mineral contains the powers that come from planet Earth and it works extensively to bind our physical body down to this planetary level. The true “roots” of this rock will begin to grow around our etheric body while channelling nurturing vibrations to uplift your life force. This vital energy can rejuvenize your core and re-ignite that “fire” within. Working with Polychrome Jasper serves as a reminder that anything is possible and that you are truly your own creator.

Chakra - All Chakras

Properties - 

Life Path
Past Life Recall
Self Discovery
Ancient Knowledge
Expanded Awareness
Emotional Understanding