Orthoceras Coaster Set | Brazil
Orthoceras Coaster Set | Brazil
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Orthoceras Coaster Set | Brazil

Orthoceras Coaster Set | Brazil

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Approximate Size: 130x70x60 (box) / 100x10mm (coaster)

Set of 6 coasters

*This item is intuitively chosen and so the piece received may not be the exact one in image

Orthoceras, also known as Orthoceratites, is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod. Its name is derived from the words “straight horn”, referring to its long, conical shell. These creatures roamed the seas during the Ordovician Period (485 million - 443 million years ago). They are the ancient ancestors of ammonites and squid that can be found in sizes ranging from a centimetre to over 14 feet long. Orthoceras are commonly found on a rock matrix, most of the time being limestone. A majority of specimens on the market have been coming out of Morocco, Scandinavia, Sweden, and the Baltic states.
When it comes to the energy in which this fossil possess, it's all about the ancient knowledge this sea creature holds. Having roamed the seas over 400 million years ago, this creature was living in a world that looked much different than it does today. By meditating with the fossil’s energy, you may feel a connection to that ancient Earth and all the knowledge that it contains. This stone will offer up an abundance of life force energy which can be used in areas where we need it most. Some ancient tales even suggest that wearing Orthoceras daily can increase your lifespan.
Orthoceras will activate our root chakra by grounding us down to earth with ancient energy. This fossil pushes us on a path of transformation, from who we were, to who we are and to who we want to be. We can use the information gathered by visualising these past lives and then apply it to who we are today.

Chakra - Root

Properties - 

Spiritual Awakening
Sense of Purpose
Self Discovery
Animal Communication
New Beginnings
Past Lives
Past Life Recall
Connection with Nature