Larvikite Elephant | China

Larvikite Elephant | China

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Approximate Size: 30x40x20mm

*This item is intuitively chosen and so the piece received may not be the exact one in image

Larvikite is a stone of inner transformation that helps us better adapt to change, as well as accept and understand any benefits that may come with it. Change is constant, with the world around us forever transitioning. To personally (as well as spiritually) evolve on this planet, we must be able to withstand the ups and downs of life. Larvikite helps us access our inner strength and enables our personal willpower to go on auto-pilot. This will assist us through any difficult process causing constant distress. You will not need to worry about the cost of any negativity that these new surroundings may bring with them, as Larvikite fully protects our spiritual and physical body, including our auric field.

Chakra - Third Eye, Solar Plexus & Root

Properties - 

New Beginnings
Spiritual Awakening
Emotional Healing
Self Discovery
Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations