Larimar Ring | Sterling Silver | Size L

Larimar Ring | Sterling Silver | Size L

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925 Sterling Silver

Found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar was first discovered in 1916 by Miguel Mendez and Normal Riling. Mendez named the stone 'Larimar' combining his daughters name, Larissa and 'mar', the Spanish word for sea. Before this official discovery, the locals and their ancestors has long been aware of the stone and it was first said larimar came from the sea, and later that it came from the Earths volcanic movements. Larimar is a soft and peaceful stone which brings a deep sense of tranquillity. It carries a beautiful healing energy that calms the mind and eliminates feelings of stress and anxiety. Larimars ethereal vibration also raises consciousness and promotes a deeper connection to nature. A truly magical stone and one of my personal favourites!

Chakra - Throat & Heart

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