Kambaba Jasper Tumbles | China

Kambaba Jasper Tumbles | China

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*Listing is for 1 tumble stone only. Due to this being a natural product the colour and size will vary from one to another. The image gives a good representation of what you may receive. 

Kambaba Jasper, also known as Kambaba Stone or Green Stromatolite Jasper, is an extremely old stone dating back to 3 billion years ago. Kambaba Jasper is actually not a Jasper, but rather a fossil. This stone is classified as a stromatolite, which refers to the clump of fossilized algae that created this mineral. One of the special fossils within Kambaba Jasper is actually Cyanobacteria, which is believed to have helped create the first oxygen atmosphere here on earth many moons ago. Kambaba Jasper is a very energising stone that activates our root and heart chakras. It helps provide much needed healing to the heart and calming of negative emotions such as guilt, trauma, grief, jealousy, anger, and sadness. This crystal helps us achieve emotional balance throughout the day, and helps keep us calm during times of distress. Kambaba Jasper acts as a teacher and life coach, helping you get through some of the toughest emotional experiences you’ve had to deal with. This stone pushes us to release the weight pushing down on our chest, right back into the atmosphere. This special combination of minerals helps us feel comfortable with ourselves and our surroundings. Kambaba Jasper has a special relationship with Mother Nature and attuning you to her frequencies.

Chakra - Heart & Root

Properties - 

Self Discovery
Sense of Purpose
Stress Relief
Connection with Nature
Anxiety Relief
Calming and Patience
Emotional Understanding
Inner Peace