Black Moonstone Tumbles | India

Black Moonstone Tumbles | India

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*Listing is for 1 tumble stone only. Due to this being a natural product the colour and size will vary from one to another. The image gives a good representation of what you may receive. 

If you are going through a breakup or are having difficulties with someone close to you, it is recommend to carry Black Moonstone with uou. When individuals deal with stress from another person that they’ve shared experiences or life with, they subconsciously lower their guard because of the love they have for them. When we see a loved one uncomfortable, it is in our nature as humans to help. This can backfire and leave us susceptible to their toxic energy. Carrying this stone around these people will allow you to continue opening up your heart to them. It will also provide support without the worry of their negativity affecting your own emotional body.

Chakra - Crown & Third Eye

Properties - 

Mastering Fear
New Beginnings
Self- Healing
Anxiety Relief
Calming and Patience
Dispelling Negative Energy
Emotional Understanding
Grief and Mourning
Inner Peace