Crystallis Ethics Statement

Ethical Seller Statement


At Crystallis we are passionate about providing high quality crystals and work hard to ensure these are sourced ethically.


We source the majority of our crystals via trusted UK based suppliers who have years of experience with crystals and have built up relationships with mines around the world. This also enables us to hand pick the majority of our stock meaning we can ensure we are always bringing you the absolute best quality there is. 


A small percentage of our stock is sourced directly from international suppliers who again have strong relationships with the mines they get their minerals from. They make regular visits where possible and share information with us about the origins of the products we are buying.  


We only source our stock from suppliers who we have built up good relationships with and have mutual trust with. If we ever trial a new supplier we always spend the time to ask about where their products are sourced from and ensure workers in the mines are being paid and treated fairly and safely. 


While we are confident that our crystals are ethically sourced, we must remind you that we are not the ones inspecting the mines and so we have to trust our suppliers. If we ever suspect a supplier of not sourcing ethically we simply will not continue to do business with them.


Our ethics do not end with how our crystals are sourced. Part of being ethical is also looking at how we operate our business. We ensure our general business practice is as ethical as our sourcing practice by using eco friendly packaging (or repurposing some packaging such as bubble wrap), keeping our prices reasonable and not inflated above the true value of our items, and ensuring our customers are at the heart of everything we do.