About Us

At Crystallis we are passionate about all things magick! Crystals obviously included...

Crystallis was originally formed under the name Crystals by Emily in April 2020 by our owner Emily. In September 2021 we rebranded to Crystallis, because as the business grows our branding and aesthetics needed to grow with it. While our name might have changed, our ethics and high standards have not.

The business is run entirely by just the one person, the sourcing, the marketing, the photography, the creation of new products, even the boring tax stuff. Emily does it all! So when I say "we", there is actually just me. 

I am passionate about crystals, about sourcing the best quality from the best possible places and sharing the energy of mother earths beautiful creations with you all. 

I work hard to ensure that I am bringing you the absolute best of the best at all times. 

After a lot of trial and error I have found some amazing suppliers of who I have built up some wonderful relationships with. Finding trust worthy, ethical suppliers is no easy task!

If you have any questions about Crystallis please feel free to pop me an email to hello@crystallisuk.com and I will be happy to answer any questions. That being said I will not answer specific queries about who my suppliers are as this is business sensitive information. Thank you for your understanding.